To the Creek

It’s Spring Break in the South and down here if you’re not at Disney World or The Beach then you are likely one of the many soaking up some sun and playing in the (too cool in Mom’s opinion) creek! We went to the kids go to spot, Buck Creek!  


Moss Rock Preserve

  Yesterday we went hiking for the first time at Moss Rock Preserve. Who knew it had been right here all along in Hoover, AL!!! It was incredible! Trey printed out a map showing all the parking areas and trail heads and loops to take. We took the waterfall loop which took us by a collection of huge boulders, over bridges, rocks, roots, fallen trees and through boulders to the falls. It was surprising how long we had been out there and hadn’t really gone too far from the place we started. We are certainly going to be exploring out there some more. There were so many more areas to roam and there were lots of people enjoying the beautiful day we had. So After our healthy hiking we all went and got old fashion milkshakes treat! You gotta balance out your clean living right?!

Hygiene Day

Today was dental cleaning day for these 6 kiddos. Nothing like waking up early on Spring Break to go to the dentist! I took Joseph, Jordan and Mary into work with me and then Grammy & Morgan brought Hans and Gayley later. It was our highest hygiene day ever and it all came from one family, OURS! I forgot to take pics of Hans but he was wonderful. He probably didn’t say two words during his visit but was a great patient and liked getting a sticker and toy truck afterwards. Gayley loved playing with the toys in the clubhouse in the lobby and did surprisingly fantastic letting Dr.Flannery examine her teeth and paint on fluoride varnish. She was so chill just laying there watching him and the TV on the ceiling. She didn’t squirm, fuss or cry or reach out for me at all. She was just very curious and content as she checked out her surroundings and gave her big wave “Bye!!” as Morgan carried her out to leave! It was a great first dental visit for baby girl! 


For Elijah’s 18th Birthday we bought him a tandem skydiving jump with Chattanooga Skydiving Company. Finally the day came for him to take the leap!!!! It was the perfect day for it and he loved every bit of it! He Could easily become a a jumping junkie!! So he went skydiving next he’ll want to go Rocky Mountain climbing then 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu!!!! 

   Here is a link to his video! It’s awesome but was nerve racking for this Mom to even watch the video of her son intentionally jumping out of a perfectly capable plane!

Eggs-tra Easter Fun

   Saturday morning we went to a church’s egg hunt. We arrived just as they were announcing the start for the 4 and under group. Perfect timing! Gayley picked up just a few. She opened one and found candy and she was fixated on that one piece. Hunt over for her. Hanson didn’t pick up one egg even though he was surrounded by dozens, all he had to do was pick them up. He was still waking up and just wasn’t into it. By the time I had gathered Gayley and Hans to go watch Jordan and Mary gather eggs their group was done. They went so fast!!! We rode the train which Hans did like and Gayley waved at everyone the whole ride. They played on the playground for just a little while and then we were off to get Easter Sunday groceries. A sweet but short morning eggstravaganza!!! 

Egg Hunt Practice

Hanson and Gayley joined their library friends for a  Story Time egg hunt. They were allowed 10 eggs each so that everyone left happy. They each did really well finding and picking up the eggs. Hanson is still very timid and I could see Gayley catching onto and enjoying the whole concept. There are a few egg hunt festivities this weekend but not sure if we will join them or not. If we do, these small hunts sure have been good introductions and practices for these two.