16 Month Checkup And Poison Control

Today Gayley had an early morning checkup with her pediatrician.


Hanson went along for moral support. He was a very protective big brother as usual. It didn’t take long for baby girl to explore the room and make herself at home emptying out draws!




The doctor was amazed by how much she’s grown and changed since last visit. She’s now 24lbs 7oz and 31.75″. Big girl!!

Sweet girl had to get 3 vaccines today and did quite well but was not too happy with Mommy as you can tell! Bless her!

While this morning was rather uneventful we ended the evening with a call to 💀Poison Control 💀 after Gayley was found with an open bottle of acne pills 💊 and saying, “Mmmmm!”. Trey had been feeding her Reese’s Pieces just prior to this. She may or may not have eaten any but according to 💀Poison Control💀 nothing needed to be done other than keep her up an extra hour, give water and watch for tummy ache since the pills 💊 are an antibiotic.  Ya know, we had a pretty good record going, eighteen years of parenting and this was our first call to Poison control!!!  #noacneforbaby  💊💊💊💊💊#babyproofbottlesarenotGayleyproof


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