Where Kids can be a Kid

Hanson has been asking for weeks to go to Chuck E. Cheese and so his enthusiasm and persistence for it trumped my lack there of. On a side note the pizza actually is very taste!🍕 


Four Eyes

After needing to be moved a couple times in order to see the black boards or rather dry erase board in class and us seeing her inches away from the computer screen we scheduled an eye exam for Mary. The doctor said her eye sight isn’t terrible but she definitely needs some help with glasses. She was so excited and loved trying on and picking out frames. She had selected several that made her final cut but then the fitting lady took a pair away that had been discontinued and two that were too small which left two to choose from. The ones she’s wearing are her final pick and were really the ones she kept going back to. They are very pretty and a popular name brand she likes. The hardest part now for her is waiting for them to come in. She can’t wait to wear them to school for the first time!  


Big Machines Day

  We went to McWane Science Center for Big Machines Day and it was awesome! They had fire trucks, Bobcats, bull dozers, cranes, dump trucks, lifts, lots of other type construction vehicles outside for the kids to sit in. I thought Hans would have been more excited than he was but he had just woken from a nap on the way there so maybe he was just overwhelmed. He only briefly sat in the fire truck then he wanted to go inside to Itty Bitty City. His favorite thing there is the fire truck, he would literally stay in the truck our entire visit if it were up to him! 

Making Memphis Memories

Hanson, Gayley and I went on a spur of the moment trip to Memphis with Trey. It was a quick trip but we packed in a lot fun while we were there. We went to eat at South of Beale for the Jack and Coke bread pudding which we had seen on one of the Food Networks. All in all we are glad we went but it’s not on our “must do again” list. The Jack Daniels ice cream was superb but the Coca-Cola bread pudding did not live up to the hype. Hanson was trilled when the waiter brought out the complimentary popcorn! We also ordered Fried Chicken and Waffle Sliders-👎,Reuben Egg Rolls-👍, Three Cheese Mac’n cheese-👍, Chicken sandwich-meh, Maple Bacon Braised  Brussel Sprouts-👍(surprisingly delicious!) and Duck Fried Rice-👍👍!! I had the duck rice as my meal and the sunny side egg on top was a delicious surprise and the 5 spice had a bite to it which also bit me all night long!

After SOB we checked into the Double Tree then walked down to Beale Street mainly to let Gayley run around and wear herself out before trying to put her to sleep in the hotel room. It worked like a charm!  Oh, I forgot when we first walked into our room Hanson commented on how nice it was and then scanned it again and said, “wait where’s my room?”. Ha! This is it buddy. Pick a chair, drawer, spot on the floor and get cozy!

No baby girl did not sleep in the drawer but I thought it was funny that she crawled in by herself and Hanson said, “awe look at Gayley ‘s little bed”. He was pretty pleased with his roll away bed. He kept saying he was going to stay at The Double Tree for a year!  The elevator was a great ride for them. It was the kind where one side is glass so you look out over the lobby. He was so excited every time we went up or down even though he clung to our legs, waist, hip whatever he could grasp quickly he would squeeze and squeal!

The next day we went to the Peabody Hotel to watch the marching in of the famous Peabody ducks. We had gotten there a bit early and by the time all the pomp and circumstance was over so was Hanson. He didn’t want anything to do with the ducks, all he wanted was to ride the trolley and so no pictures of him with the ducks.

We said farewell to the ducks and went in search of the trolley line to ride the river loop. Hanson loved it and was a very happy boy! Sometimes it’s just the littlest things that make the best memories.

And what would a Memphis trip be without a stop at Uncle Lou’s? You MUST get the Sweet Spicy Love chicken it’s absolutely the best! Uncle Lou’s never ever disappoints. Uncle Lou is so engaging as are all the employees, just love the warm greetings you get from the older ladies there. Don’t get too stuffed with chicken, biscuits and corn nuggets you’ll want to  leave room for the giant piece of strawberry short cake, so yummy! And that was our super quick spur of the moment business trip to Memphis.


What started out as a “Snow Day” post ended up as this due to Jango, the friendly neighborhood cat, coming for a visit and trying to snag Gayley’s chicken nugget. Gayley loved Jango showing so much affection and attention and letting her pat and hug him so much. It was a purrrfectly lovely visit for this kitty-cat loving girl!


Flashback Friday

Here’s some sweet shots of Gayley getting some sugar from these little guys at Elijah’s lacrosse game last October. These fellas really want a baby sister and so they practiced taking care of Gayley. They’re the team chaplain’s son and nephew and just the sweetest boys ever! They kept each other entertained during the entire game. Love our lacrosse friends❤️!  


Jelly Biscuit

And this is why we stick to our seats, our arms to the table, feet to the floor and our house feels like the inside of a jelly jar. But isn’t she “sweet”!