No longer a Pre-Teen

Joseph is no longer a pre-teen, he is a bonifide 13 year old and has requested to no longer be referred to as “the little kids”! We now have 3 teenage boys, 2 elementary, 2 toddlers and 2 very blessed yet busy, exhausted adults!!! We praise God for Joseph and the unique, energetic, creative, talented, sensitive, passionate, comedic teen he is. Happy 13th Birthday Joesph!!!

Flashback Friday

We are now in full Battle of the Books mode here. This will be the 6th or 7th year our boys have participated and Elijah’s last year. Here’s a look back to 2013 and an article published on Elijah, Morgan and Joseph!


Joseph’s Ode

Heart of Greed

There once was a young man

So forgotten and poor

Who’d been dirty and broken

Faced with death and pure horror

But that would very soon change

For a ticket was dropped in an alley way

The one where the poor boy currently stayed

And on the card read a three, three, three

They young man had just won the lottery

He became a millionaire

In the blink of an eye

Yet he was filled with greed

That would lead to his demise

He bought the biggest of houses

And ate the finest of foods

But he was greedy and selfish

And very much rude

Wanting more money he bet in poker

And with the money like rain it was too much to handle

Then the spark was ignited with an unlucky dice bramble

And the man paid the price one does when they gamble

So he was homeless and hungry

Due to his thirst for more

He was now a greedy man so forgotten and poor.

By: Joseph Garrett 7th grade


Playground Fun

Nothing helps beat the winter blues like getting a semi-warm/dry day to burn off some energy and soak up some vitamin D at the playground! Gayley and Hans were King and queen of the park. They certainly wore their Mama out especially our no fear rough and tumble baby girl but sweet Hans was always close by helping take care of his baby sister!   


Duck Hunting

Trey and Barry braved the winter chill to go hunting Mallards and wood ducks but the land was so flooded that everywhere looked like a lake giving the ducks too many landing options. Only a few flew into the actual pond allowing them to only each get 2 a piece. Not much of a duck feast barely an appetizer. Hopefully they’ll have better luck next time.