Christmas Parade and McWane

   Today was a jammed pack day full of fun. We started off with a big pancake breakfast then to the Chelsea Christmas parade. After the parade we went to the McWane Science Center. Hanson said his favorite thing was playing with the boats in the water and the trains. He also enjoyed being a fireman. Joseph, Mary and Jordan loved playing dodgeball on the lighted floor. Gayley loved playing in the water of course but really loved “Feeding” the pig and lamb at the barn in Itty Bitty City. She was in her element running from one exhibit to the next seeing and touching so many new things. All I can say is thank goodness for squeeking shoes to help keep up with her!!! The new Itty Bitty City for kindergarten and younger is incredible and has so much to do! We only did like 4 things in it before we needed to head on to other floors. We will be spending more time there on our next visit for sure!! 


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