Waiting For The Force To Awaken

What do you do when your teenage sons have a marathon day of watching the Star Wars movies? You whip up a few Star War themed treats like Chewbacca Bites, Yoda Soda, Han Rolos, Vader Veggies, Wookie Cookies, Fruit sabers, Endor dip, Carbonite jello, Jedi Juice! Since the days of themed parties are long gone for my high schoolers I jumped on this opportunity to cater their event all be it very last minute.  

In preparation for the opening of Star Wars The Force Awakens the boys and friends watched as many Star Wars movies as they could in one day.  

To say they are excited is an understatement, they are all so pumped!!! Trey is going with Elijah, Morgan and friends tonight and will take the younger crew to a matinee next week too. I can’t wait to hear/see their reactions after they watch it and I can’t wait for my turn to see it as well!! I love me some Han Solo!!! 



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