A Toddler’s New Year

We are happily in pajamas by 7:20 p.m. No fireworks, New Year shows or watching the ball drop hoop la for Mama and these two! 

   Next moment 3 year old is crying hysterically because he’s beyond tired and he wants his Daddy all while baby sister tries to console him.  This is my life with toddlers! I love it and I’m looking forward to what 2016 brings our way. Happy New Year y’all!🎉



Oh those Elfs!

Our Elfs kept us hopping (cleaning up)this year with all the mischief they got into. I didn’t take pictures of everything they did but here are a few. They had snowball fights, hid amongst the presents, played Star Wars, toilet paper rolled the tree, hung from the lights, hid on the ceiling fan blades then went flying when turned on, hid inside dryer, wore our shoes, inserted themselves in the Coco Crispy cereal box, rode on toys, wrapped most of the beach wall photos and had Story Time with the other toys. Families with lots of children should not be subject to Elf Magic too but our kiddos love it and can’t wait to see what happened while they were sleeping each night!  


Christmas Continues

We had our Christmas with Mammaw and Pawpaw over Thanksgiving while we were visiting them at their home in Texas then we had our family Christmas at our home on Christmas Day. The next day or as some kids call Christmas Adam, Grammy and Pawpaw drove up from MS and we celebrated with them. Every year they say they are cutting back on the amount of gifts each of the kids get but it always seems like a huge amount when they arrive! We were all abundantly blessed and surprised once again this year! Thank you Grammy and Pawpaw for all you do in blessing our family🎄🎁!  

 Elijah and Morgan got new lounge pants and shirts along with gift cards perfect for teen boys. Mary loved her giant stuffed horse she originally saw this summer when she was down visiting, they’ve had it that long! Gayley loved climbing on the wrapped gifts and her singing tea pot and cloths. Hanson was thrilled to get his Paw Patrol Chase and cloths. Joseph got lots of cloths this year and a gift card and Jordan got a new coat, cloths and his most longed for item, a book series (5 new books)! He couldn’t wait to start reading them!!!! Trey and I were gifted with new pot and pans, great big crockpot and utensils. It’s quite nice to refresh those items after 20 years of marriage! It was a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas from Poland

Mary was gifted with a very special Christmas package from Poland. Her sweet exceptional foster family sent her a great big package full of yummy chocolates, treats, cloths, cards and a fancy pen set. Mary so treasures these gifts from Poland and wanted to open her Poland package right away! She was so loved in her foster home and is still loved by them. She is a very blessed little girl to be loved by so many. Thank you so much Widlo Family for Caring so tenderly to Mary while she was in your home and thank you for continuing to care for her by keeping her connected to you and Poland.  Thank you also for all her presents, you made her a very happy girl on Christmas Day 🎄!


We Have an Adult! 

  So this just happened. Our first born son, the one that made me a Mama is 18 years old today! How is this possible? He truly is a treasure and we have been emmincely blessed to be his parents. I just can’t say enough about the boy, I mean young man, he just fills my heart with so much joy and I’m so proud to call him son! He is looked up to and adored by his siblings and has the best group of friends that love him to pieces. He’s a kind and gentle guy but fiercely passionate about his friends and taking care of them. He’s a goof-ball, fun loving, adventurous, athletic, lover of books, deep thinker, world changer. We love you Elijah with all our hearts and wish you the happiest 18th Birthday!! 

Baking with Babies

 Hanson and Gayley were my little baking helpers mixing and rolling and cutting out the sugar cookies. Gayley decided standing on the chair just wasn’t well enough so she  climbed into the kitchen sink where she could reach the dough easier!! Hanson was all about the cookie cutters! Mary and Jordan joined in on the decorating phase and before long we had cheerful decorated cookies and the house smelled of delicious Christmas sugar cookies!!!

Santa Clause 2015

 Last night we trekked over to the Bass Pro Shop to get our traditional picture with Santa. The line was soooooo long but we simply had no choice so we waited 2 HOURS to see Santa!!! Gayley was so excited walking toward Santa but sitting with him she wasn’t so sure but didn’t scream so we call it success! We’ve taken Santa pictures here for the past 7 years and with Elijah turning 18 yrs in 2 days & going off to college this may be our last year of all the kids with Santa (sob sob) so this was a special Santa moment for this Mama. Since all the kids did so great and the parents behaved too everyone was treated to scooped ice cream! It’s a lovely TRADITION🎄!!


Mommy’s Gift wrapper

Ya’ll I found this baby girl wrapping her toy just like she saw me wrapping presents on my bedroom floor! I asked her if she was wrapping presents too like Mommy and she nodded her head yes!