🎄🎁Our Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas🎁🎄

Christmas came before Thanksgiving this year with Mammaw and Pawpaw in Texas!  When you live so far away and want to spend Holidays together you rearrange those special days so you can spend them together. Everyone was so happy with all that they got and Mammaw and Pawpaw enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts. Gayley got her sweet Bitty Baby which is a Mammaw tradition to gift her Granddaughters. It is so sweet and came with lots of extras too! Such a sweet doll for a sweet baby girl! All the kids got cool Under Armour hoodies. Hanson a handmade Paw Patrol blanket and Paw Patrol toys. Joseph a sturdy case for his Birthday sewing machine and Jordan and Mary both got their wished for Loop-de-loom and were quickly busy making things!! They also got book series, underwear, knives, super cool coloring book and colored pencils. We were all greatly blessed and grateful we got to celebrate together!🎄


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