Mass Celebrations 

While we were in Texas with Trey’s parents we had quite a few celebrations. Like every other day we celebrated! Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving but also Elijah and Joseph got their Birthday presents and cake from Mammaw and Pawpaw. Trey and I got our 20th Anniversary gift. Just us adults went out to lunch for both of our Anniversaries. And we had Christmas too! Not only that but had Thanksgiving on Tuesday and Christmas on Wednesday so the kids could play with their gifts and grandparents could enjoy watching them before they got packed up to leave. Thursday we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, watched football , played with toys, had leftovers, washed cloths and packed for all of us to leave on Friday. So while it was a bit untraditional on the days we celebrated, it was perfect because we were all together and enjoyed the moments we shared.  

Happy Birthday Joseph!! He was beyond thrilled to get his very own manly sewing machine and sewing kit!!! He will be able to make the most fantastic  costumes, alter his cloths as well as the rest of the families and just let all the creative design energy that’s bouncing around in his brilliant mind to come out in super cool costumes!!! I can’t wait to see all that he makes!



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