leaving on a jet plane

Gayley and I left a day earlier than Trey and the rest of our gang to Fredericksburg, TX. Since we don’t have a vehicle that can fit all 9 of us plus a big dog  and all that we had to pack up, we decided to send Gayley and I via Delta. I’m not the most enthusiastic flier but the alternative of baby girl being strapped in her car seat for 14 hours was unimaginable. The two and a half hours of flight time plus lay over time from Birmingham to San Antonio was a much better choice!!!

Trey’s parents picked us up at the airport then we went to eat Mexican in downtown San Antonio. After her 1st ever 2 plane rides and lots of stroller time Gayley was revved up to explore. She loved running in the colorful courtyard, window shopping and dancing to the lively music! She was amazing and did so good for being a baby on a plane!  

Before the rest of the family arrived we went shopping with Mammaw and had a late lunch at The Peach Tree in Fredericksburg . It was marvelous! Gayley loved the swing out front at the restaurant and wailed when we went inside to shop and eat. Mammaw bought her (and Hanson) a new toy to entertain her at the table so we could enjoy our lunch. It worked like a charm! 


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