Cutest Pumpkins In the Yard


Note to self: Do Not wait till end of October to buy pumpkins for carving or decorating because the 600+ pumpkins Walmart received and the ones at landscaping lots will all be gone! I could not believe I couldn’t find any pumpkins for the kids to carve, I waited too late and there were none other than tiny baking ones for $7.00 each- Not going to happen!  Next year I will buy the giant ones early in the season and just pray they make it to end of October. Also I wanted to get Hans and Gayley’s pictures taken in a pumpkin patch but good grief that didn’t happen either. The churches that typically sold them didn’t this year and I didn’t want to pay $10-$15 each to enter one of the local patches just for some snap shots. I then thought well I’ll just buy a bunch of pumpkins for carving, use them for picture taking and then carve them but that didn’t work out so well. Mom Fail! I was able to find one pumpkin and the other Jordan got from a patch he went to with friends. So this is it for pumpkin pictures this year. Bwah bwah bwaahh!!!


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