Trick or Treating 2015

  Trick or Treating this year was a bit of a mad dash to beat the rain that was coming. Even with heading out entirely too early (4:45p.m.) according to the kids  we only made it down 2 dead end roads in the subdivision before the skies opened up! Gayley didn’t even make it out of the house, she fell asleep just after I put her costume on. She eventually hung out on the porch with Daddy, Pawpaw and Grammy giving out candy while I walked with the Trick or Treater bunch. Thankfully Daddy came and picked us up in the car toward the end of our route. We were a wringing wet mess with at least 15 lbs of candy loot!! Nicest thing about the rain coming in was we were back to the house by 6:30 p.m.,got hot showers, pj’s on and relaxed the rest of the evening. 
Joseph was Batman he made his costume of course. Mary was Spoiler and Joseph made her entire costume too. Spoiler is some kind of Super Hero Sidekick like Robin. Hanson was Robin. Jordan wore a blue morph suit and Darth Vader was our neighbor friend, Cainnan. 


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