Elijah and Morgan and their LAX bros finished up their 14-week 3 days-a-week training at Godspeed and they both had major body changing results! 
   They were getting swole, jacked, shredded and ripped doing snatches, skull crushers, 5-10-5’s, box jumps, bear crawls, bench pressing, dead lifts, inverse curls, kettle bell walk, hip flexes, squats, 300’s, throws, slams and Superman’s!!! They beefed up on top, slimmed down in areas, got lightning quick, jumped higher and lifted far more weight than either of them could have imagined. They put in a lot of hard work but had a blast!

Double Date

I am a baby person. I adore my children as babies but there is something special and rewarding too when they are teenagers. Teenagers are fun and get your jokes and get embarrassed by Mom and Dad and they laugh with you or is that at you. And they ask you to go on a double date with them to their favorite eateries. Trey and I had such a fun time with Elijah and his friend Neely at Sushi Village. Good times with teenagers!

Dear Mary’s 1st Deer

  Mary the Mighty Hunter sat in the shooting house with her Daddy and shot herself a doe! A Texas doe for Mary at Pawpaw and Mammaw’s house in Fredericksburg.

🎄🎁Our Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas🎁🎄

Christmas came before Thanksgiving this year with Mammaw and Pawpaw in Texas!  When you live so far away and want to spend Holidays together you rearrange those special days so you can spend them together. Everyone was so happy with all that they got and Mammaw and Pawpaw enjoyed watching the kids open their gifts. Gayley got her sweet Bitty Baby which is a Mammaw tradition to gift her Granddaughters. It is so sweet and came with lots of extras too! Such a sweet doll for a sweet baby girl! All the kids got cool Under Armour hoodies. Hanson a handmade Paw Patrol blanket and Paw Patrol toys. Joseph a sturdy case for his Birthday sewing machine and Jordan and Mary both got their wished for Loop-de-loom and were quickly busy making things!! They also got book series, underwear, knives, super cool coloring book and colored pencils. We were all greatly blessed and grateful we got to celebrate together!🎄

Mass Celebrations 

While we were in Texas with Trey’s parents we had quite a few celebrations. Like every other day we celebrated! Not only did we celebrate Thanksgiving but also Elijah and Joseph got their Birthday presents and cake from Mammaw and Pawpaw. Trey and I got our 20th Anniversary gift. Just us adults went out to lunch for both of our Anniversaries. And we had Christmas too! Not only that but had Thanksgiving on Tuesday and Christmas on Wednesday so the kids could play with their gifts and grandparents could enjoy watching them before they got packed up to leave. Thursday we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, watched football , played with toys, had leftovers, washed cloths and packed for all of us to leave on Friday. So while it was a bit untraditional on the days we celebrated, it was perfect because we were all together and enjoyed the moments we shared.  

Happy Birthday Joseph!! He was beyond thrilled to get his very own manly sewing machine and sewing kit!!! He will be able to make the most fantastic  costumes, alter his cloths as well as the rest of the families and just let all the creative design energy that’s bouncing around in his brilliant mind to come out in super cool costumes!!! I can’t wait to see all that he makes!


Camp Verde

    After church on Sunday we took a drive to Camp Verde General Store for some lunch and shopping. Not only was it a beautiful restaurant with detailed wood work and lovely table settings and dinnerware but the food was delicious!! I think just about all of us got something different and everyone was delighted with their meal. It was a big hit and immediately put on our “must do again” list! After lunch we took a Sunday drive through PawPaw’s childhood stomping grounds getting to see where he grew up, family land, his grandparents home. We made a stop by the cemetery to visit Trey’s Grandpa’s grave and see all the other Garrett plots. It was a good family heritage time for our crew!  


leaving on a jet plane

Gayley and I left a day earlier than Trey and the rest of our gang to Fredericksburg, TX. Since we don’t have a vehicle that can fit all 9 of us plus a big dog  and all that we had to pack up, we decided to send Gayley and I via Delta. I’m not the most enthusiastic flier but the alternative of baby girl being strapped in her car seat for 14 hours was unimaginable. The two and a half hours of flight time plus lay over time from Birmingham to San Antonio was a much better choice!!!

Trey’s parents picked us up at the airport then we went to eat Mexican in downtown San Antonio. After her 1st ever 2 plane rides and lots of stroller time Gayley was revved up to explore. She loved running in the colorful courtyard, window shopping and dancing to the lively music! She was amazing and did so good for being a baby on a plane!  

Before the rest of the family arrived we went shopping with Mammaw and had a late lunch at The Peach Tree in Fredericksburg . It was marvelous! Gayley loved the swing out front at the restaurant and wailed when we went inside to shop and eat. Mammaw bought her (and Hanson) a new toy to entertain her at the table so we could enjoy our lunch. It worked like a charm!