The Homecoming Question 

  Elijah asked his friend, Kaylyn to be his Homecoming date last night! He presented her with a tray full of brownies with a YES sign and an empty dish with NO.
He said: “I think Homecoming would be pretty sweet with you!”

She said: “with me?”

He said: “with you!”

She said: “I was not expecting that at all OK!!!!!”

  It was very SWEET and she was thoroughly surprised as we’re all his other friends in the room. I loved their reactions as much as hers. I had to stay outside the door till she said yes then Elijah said I could come in but I got a few shots through the crack of the door as he was asking her. She thought he was asking the girl sitting behind her but nope the brownies were for her!!! This is a great group of friends and they have a good time going together as a group. I know they’ll all have a great time at their Senior Homecoming!!!! 
P.S. Shout out to Morgan for video taping it all incognito! 



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