Friendship Cemetery

Yesterday while Trey & Barry took Charlie, Caden, Elijah, Morgan and Joseph dove hunting the Moms including Booper, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Lauren and myself took the remaining six kiddos on a walk-about thru Friendship Cemetery in Columbus, MS. 

 It’s a beautiful cemetery known for the weeping angel monument that was given by a church in honor of their deceased Reverend. She is so pretty and dainty and lovely to see, these pictures don’t do her justice. The kids were entertained by trying to find their names on head stones. Ha! Mary and Elizabeth were thrilled to find both their names on one. Hanson was remarkably touched when he found a baby headstone. There were many many infant graves and their headstones were quite sweet.  

 This cemetery had hundreds of Confederate and Union soldiers and many were unknown soldiers both Confederate and Union buried by the church women of Columbus.  

 We had a lovely walk made all the more interesting by Booper’s knowledge of her home town and there was even a bit of tree climbing by Jordan, Elizabeth and Mary.  



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