Lake life 

 At last summer is officially over! This was our last hoorah weekend before school started.  The Hendersons so generously invited us back to their lake house on Lake Martin. It is so relaxing and serene there. The kids were up bright and early swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding every day. They rocked the knee board and tubing! Gayley had fun exploring the new house and ‘helping’ me in the kitchen. Morgan was at another friends house on Ley Lake and Elijah had plans with his gang so they didn’t join us. Hanson amazed me with his courage around the water and boats. I was shocked he went freely and eagerly on the ski boat rides as they pulled the tubers behind them. He certainly was a very different boy than he was last lake trip. Trey relaxed as he tinkered around the house even pressure washing the deck. I even had a go on the tube with Joseph. It was a blast but one long ride was enough for me! I seriously don’t know how they get pulled all over that lake over and over again! It was great family time and adult time catching up and fellowshipping with Mike and Patti.  


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