Musical Theater Camp

  Joseph, Mary and Jordan attended the Children’s Worship Choir Musical Theater Camp this past week. When I told them I had signed them all up and that it was from 9:00-3:30 each day they were all less than thrilled! Getting up early, packing lunches(which none of them had to pack- Mom did it all) and being gone away from neighborhood friends all week sounded torturous to them not fun. My kids like to know everything in advance, exactly what is going to happen when and how and where which when trying new things there is just no way to know which heightened some of their anxiety even more. I kept talking it up trying to change their perspectives and then finally just said “Listen I signed you up,there are limited spots which you are holding and it’s too late for those spots to be refilled. The director is super sweet and enthusiastic and has put a lot of hard work into this and is looking forward to you coming and it’s going to be awesome so you ALL are going!!!” Well day one came and I still had some grumbling going on but they went and were pleasantly surprised that they knew a few of the kids there. Every morning when they arrived they put their lunches in the fridge, got their name tag and then played in the cool of the shade under the pavilion while everyone arrived. When I picked them up on Day 1 they couldn’t stop saying how much fun it was, how awesome it was and how excited they were, how they wished they could do it EVERYDAY and dare I say they even thanked me so much for signing them up!! They each got speaking parts. Joseph got the role as Sarg which had Lots of lines. Joseph ate it up and was naturally a fantastic Sarg. Jordan and Mary were both in the Termite Gang. Jordan had a few solos and they both had speaking parts. They practiced all week then the performance was on Friday. The musical was called  “Big Shot” and it was a Bug’s Life version of David and Goliath. I can’t believe all the songs, lines, motions, props, backdrop and costumes they made and learned in just 5 days. So thankful they had this opportunity and that it was soul enhancing as well as enjoyable. It was perfect for my creative kids, my need-to-be stretched kids and need poured into kids. It was definitely a highlight of their summer!!!


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