Cow Appreciation Day

Holy cow! Where can you dress like a cow and get a FREE meal? At Chick•fil•A that’s where on #Cow Appreciation Day!!! Our herd had an udderly delicious time cowing down and Eating Mor Chikin!


We as in I had one day to get 9 cow costumes made for this fun family memory making event. Luckily I already had some plain black and white shirts I’d gotten for some other craft. A trip to the thrift store, Hobby Lobby and Wal•mart spending only @$10 and I had all I needed to make my cow boy and cow girl outfits! Gayley was the cutest calf from head to half calf tail!

At first some of the kids (teens) didn’t want to go dressed as a cow but they eventually had a change of attitude and joyed in on the fun. Amazing how getting any FREE meal of their  choice can lift spirits! We went to our newest Chick-fil- A and we’re surprised to see just how many patrons like almost everyone there was in full cow attire. It was so much fun!  Thank you Chick•fil•A for our 9 FREE meals we udderly enjoyed it!


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