Model Railroad Museum 

On our mini vacation to the Gulf Coast  we visited  a model RailroadMuseum. At first Joseph thought it was going to be lame but when we entered and he saw the huge Lego city model he was thrilled!!  My parents neighbors told us about the museum so we gave it a try. Upon entering we were greeted by a couple of older retired gentlemen who were not the least bit shy. Mr. Smitty immediately clapped his hands toward Gayley and announced his “grandpa” status. Gayley happily went to him but made sure I was close by! The museum had only been open for 2 months but was quite impressive. To the rear of the shop were more tables for future expansions they were working on. Out the back door were ride on train toys and tables of trains for hands on fun. They even had a big carnival type train they took the kids on. The gentlemen were very informative, friendly and eager to show off all the fun they had for the children and were not hurrying us along at all. The Museum is also FREE but had a box for donations. My kids loved it and can’t wait to go back when we are down there again.


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