Gone Fishin’




Jordan is spending some one on one time with Grammy and Pawpaw on the Gulf Coast this week. He has been dying to go out fishing on Pawpaw’s boat and he finally got to. He was down there a little over a week ago and it stormed everyday so they didn’t get to fish then. Today was a much better fishing day. Pawpaw took him to several of his fishing holes and he caught at least a dozen fish ranging from croaker, trout, fresh and salt water catfish. Jordan had a blast and did great fishing but the real FISHERWOMAN was Grammy reeling in a whopping big 25 lb. Black Drum!! They were a tad bit concerned whether or not Grammy would get pulled into the water before the drum got in the boat but Pawpaw came to the rescue and got the monster in the boat! What’s that saying? Early to bed, early to rise, fish all day, tell big lies. Well no lies needed for here!


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