No longer toothless 

Sweet baby girl has had quite a month cutting teeth. She got her first bottom tooth on a Tuesday and the next one that Friday. She now has her first top tooth but #2 top tooth is just days or hours away from breaking through! I hate that they have bothered her so much and wake her up nightly. Thank goodness she will soon be done cutting teeth for a little while and for Oraljel!!!  


Most Valuable Player

While I was on the MS Coast with the 5 younger kiddos, Trey was in Peachtree City, GA with Elijah and Morgan for the Southern Open lacrosse tournament. Morgan played in 6 games in 2 days and won 60 plus face-offs! Trey said he was a beast the entire weekend! It’s hard for the other team to score if they can’t get the ball and Morgan wouldn’t let them have it. Trey said he had to listen to parents of the other team gripe and complain about “That Face-off guy”. “If it wasn’t for ‘that face-off guy’…”. Needless to say Trey was one proud Papa and gladly announced that “that face-off guy” was his son. Morgan’s team finished the tournament as CHAMPIONS in the U15B Division. The coaches of the losing team voted on the Most Valuable Player for the winning team and that honor went to Morgan! So happy for Morgan, his team and his well earned MVP!!!

National Naval Aviation Museum 

After we checked out of the hotel we went to the acclaimed National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.   I had read a lot about it on-line and several friends had also recommended it as a fun family event. It was also on our route back to MS and FREE!!!! The museum did not disappoint, it was amazing!!! We sort of flew (no pun intended) through it and Joseph said we didn’t even go to one of the hangers so we actually could have spent a lot more time there then we did and we were there a little over 2 hours. We needed to get back to meet Pawpaw for dinner and Gayley was more than ready for a nap which I wanted her to take on the ride home so we reluctantly said farewell to the museum. We would love to do it again next time with Daddy, Morgan and Elijah as they would thoroughly enjoy it also!

Naval aviation

Pensacola Beach

 Why oh why haven’t we been making the short 2 hour and 15 minutes trip from MS Coast to the beautiful FLorida beaches? I mean that drive is nothing for a fun day trip! After arriving at Grammy and Pawpaw’s house on Wednesday we were beach bound early Thursday morning and had our toes in the sand by 11a.m!

  Grammy went along with us and we got to experience Pensacola Beach for the first time together. We had a great set up under the pier to keep the baby and us from getting too much sun and were minutes from the bathrooms and showers which was ideal. We also had a Lifeguard tower on each side of us which gave me great relief. The water was splendid and met all my hopes of clear blue/green waves and soft clean white sand. We had a great time and stayed over Thursday night in Downtown Pensacola where we went to dinner at McGuire’s then did the beach and pool again Friday morning before checking out of the hotel.  Joseph , Mary and Jordan wore themselves out on the boogy boards, Hanson happily dug in the sand as far away from the water as possible and Gayley loved it all! She had no fear crawling into the water to splash and lick the salt water off her lips and going face first into the sand to taste it! I still don’t know how she didn’t get it in her eyes! Grammy and I also enjoyed the scenery as we made sandwiches, passed out snacks and drinks and reapplied sun block and kept watch on all our beach babes. It was a great beach trip!


Model Railroad Museum 

On our mini vacation to the Gulf Coast  we visited  a model RailroadMuseum. At first Joseph thought it was going to be lame but when we entered and he saw the huge Lego city model he was thrilled!!  My parents neighbors told us about the museum so we gave it a try. Upon entering we were greeted by a couple of older retired gentlemen who were not the least bit shy. Mr. Smitty immediately clapped his hands toward Gayley and announced his “grandpa” status. Gayley happily went to him but made sure I was close by! The museum had only been open for 2 months but was quite impressive. To the rear of the shop were more tables for future expansions they were working on. Out the back door were ride on train toys and tables of trains for hands on fun. They even had a big carnival type train they took the kids on. The gentlemen were very informative, friendly and eager to show off all the fun they had for the children and were not hurrying us along at all. The Museum is also FREE but had a box for donations. My kids loved it and can’t wait to go back when we are down there again.

14 years

  • Sometimes life feels like I’m in The Twilight Zone. Like how can it be 14 years since our first daughter, Catherine Grace, entered and left this world all on the same day? That just doesn’t seem possible. Our lives since we lost Catherine haven’t slowed  down one bit which probably explains how time passed by so quickly. We gave birth to 2 more sons making Catherine not only a Little Sister but also a Big Sister. We then adopted a Little LP Sister and then a newborn baby brother. God was’t done yet and so after years of longing, hoping, aching for, pleading for, fertility tracking and trying we conceived and I gave birth 6 days before my 40th birthday to our blessing beyond blessings baby girl, Catherine Gayley. This year Catherine’s Birthday fell on Father’s Day and I was on The Coast while Trey was in Georgia at Elijah and Morgan’s lacrosse tournament. It felt really weird not being with Trey on Father’s Day yet I was so glad to be at “Catherine ‘s Place” for her 14th Birthday. I can’t say it ever really gets any easier when you lose a child but this year it was a sweet moment just me and my two Catherines.

Hans’ Paw Patrol Birthday

Pictured: (flying) Skye,  (l-r) Zuma, Rubbble, Chase, Ryder,Marshall and Rocky  in  PAW PATROL on NICKELODEON.  Photo: Nickelodeon. ©2013 Viacom, International, Inc.  All Rights Reserved
Hanson was thrilled to Finally have “my Paw Patrol Birthday”! For weeks he would asked daily if we could go to Wal-Mart to get his Paw Patrol Birthday stuff. We had his party a week late due to lacrosse tournaments and traveling, but he didn’t know any different and was so happy to have Grammy from MS and Mammaw and Paw Paw from TX at his party!! So happy this sweet boy was able to have such a wonderful 3 year old Paw Patrol Birthday!!! We love you so much Hanson!!!