Finals Week

Finals week

Bless his heart! He has studied and studied and done countless Bonus and extra credit papers, posters, projects trying to finish strong this last 9wks of his Junior year. I hate it for him. There is no way I could have done as well as he has taking so many Honors and AP courses this year. He has had so much on his plate this final 9wks with all his classes, club competitions, taking ACT’s, Peer Helpers, lacrosse practice, games, play-offs, Prom and starting a new job. I think his Dad and I are about as excited for school to be over for him as he is. He certainly needs a break!! It won’t be a very long break however. He starts Lacrosse Academy of Birmingham travel lacrosse practice this week and will have weekend tournaments till July 11-12. He will also be away for a week-long camp called Anytown and then working at a local restaurant as well. Throw in some required summer school work, family time and spending time with friends and his summer will be full! No matter how old he gets he’ll always be my baby!!!!


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