For a girl

Only a cute girl could cause a middle school boy to spend his first profit from his summer job all on her! Joseph is now “in a relationship” with Hana which for a 6th grader is seeing each other at school and snap chatting on his newly acquired phone. It was her Birthday and our sweet boy bought her the best diamond earrings $10 could buy, sweet smelling roses, sour patch candy and wrote her a funny poem because she likes Batman and what boy wouldn’t like a girl who likes Batman!!


Hana was very happy with all her  gifts and they had a brief hug. Her Mom was a bit bewildered with the declaration of the “relationship” but we Moms are both on the same page as far as what is allowed which is mostly just the title of having a boyfriend/girlfriend and that’s about it. I’m  glad Joseph has a kind heart and picked out and bought all her gifts on his own. He’s a keeper if you ask me!!!


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