7 months


Sweet baby girl is 7 months old!  She just started sitting up on her own so she is still a bit wobbly resulting in a few tip overs and tears throughout the day. She is enjoying eating bananas, carrots, pears, strawberry-granola, apple-kiwi, oatmeal with fruit, peas. She is the princess of planking! She is rolling all over the place and so close to crawling. She pushes herself backwards then rolls over  to get around. When sitting she leans forward and gets up on one knee and rocks back and forth then lunges forward. It is really the cutest thing to watch.  Still no teeth! Of course she chews on everything and drools galore but nothing has popped through yet.  She loves Patty Cake and does it on her own and laughs at herself while she’s doing it. She has a new sound/saying in her vocabulary which is impossible to describe but it’s uniquely hers. She also enjoys walks in the stroller and grabbing hold of Hanson and slobbering all over him!



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