Oldest and youngest

Yes, these are my BABIES! My handsome first born son (17 years) and my lovely 7 month old baby girl!!
Oh where has the time gone? This was just taken at Elijah’s 11th grade Academic Banquet. I am SO NOT ready for this boy to be a Senior and especially not ready for him to be going off to college somewhere, anywhere. I love him so much and I just ache thinking about him not being home every day. We have been so blessed by Elijah, so thankful God gave him to us. He truly is a wonderful son and big brother. I know he will excel wherever he goes to college but this Mama sure does hope he goes somewhere in the South within reasonable driving distance so that we can go see his lacrosse games and not just hear about them or read about them on the school website. I never thought I’d have a high schooler and an infant at the same time but I sure am glad I do. God’s plans and timing are so much greater than our plans. Loved being with my two babies this night and holding my oldest and my youngest.


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