A not so happy First!

Well we were not trying to achieve Baby’s 1st Sunburn but she got one anyways. After rain, darkness, rain, cold, rain and more rain the skies cleared and the temps were in the lovely 70’s here. We bolted outdoors and stayed there all day! We couldn’t help but get out in the yard and do some much needed mulching and planting in our flower beds. I had found 8 FREE good sized pink azaleas on one of the Resale sites all we had to do was go did them up at the owners home and they were ours. We had baby out in the yard with us in her bouncy seat for maybe 20 minutes but then moved her to the shade while we enjoyed working in the flower beds. I don’t know why I didn’t think to put her big sun hat on her but I didn’t. She loved being outside, it was really one of the first times she had been outside for any long period of time. She napped and played and had a great time in her seat. My sweet fair skinned baby girl is now a rosy pink bundle! 1st Sunburn