Nailed It!

For those competitive folks out there Pinterest and other sites like that are nothing more than a great big double dog dare you. They show off their master pieces like, “Here’s my beautifully proportioned professionally frosted bunny cake, now I double dog dare you to do one!”. Oh you know we just can’t say no to that, oh no it is game on, anything you can do I can do better!
Well here is the inspirational I dare you Stephanie to make this bunny cake!
They were nice enough to add some basic instructions for us that speak ABC!
And here is mine:

Note: If you need several of one color candy you will always need 2 bags to have enough of that one color hence my multicolor bow tie verses the sample.

Like all competitive people you want it to turn out perfectly and if for some bizarre reason it doesn’t turn out exactly how we envisioned we would never admit it.  No we declare NAILED IT! this is how I wanted it to look!  And being competitive also brings a trace of sportsmanship, hopefully good sportsmanship and so in light of that it is better to laugh at oneself or with one’s 12 year old son about  your creepy bunny cake!!!!DSC_0504
Love this boy and the good sport he is for laying on the table next to a creepy bunny cake and putting cookies on his eyes while his crazy Mom is telling him, “It’s so funny Joseph! You’ll see how funny it is, trust me this is soooooo funny!”