Egg Hunt 2015

Egg Hunt 2015-1
What’s Easter without egg hunts? This may have been Joseph, Jordan and Mary’s last year of egg hunting as they both commented on how it’s not really an egg hunt but an egg pick up. They had fun none the less on the “egg Pick up” and filled their baskets to the rim. Morgan went along as Hanson’s buddy and was a big help to Mama. Hans wouldn’t go near the Easter Bunny so no photo of him with E.B. this year! He was however extremely excited about riding Thomas the Train! The egg hunt mania was a bit much for Hans and he shut down a little bit but Morgan was able to coax him into picking up a few eggs instead of just standing there looking at all of them. Hey Julie! It is quite overwhelming for our little fella dealing with so many colors, so many objects, so many people, so many noises, so much movement, so many times Mama saying, “smile!” for so many pictures. He did Eggcellant!!
Egg Hunt 2015-2


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