Chelsea City Soccer

Jordan and Mary just finished up their Spring season with Chelsea City Soccer. It’s a brand new league here in Chelsea and it was just every Saturday morning. It was a fantastic season with experienced soccer coaches working on skills and ball control. It was like having a personal trainer every Saturday. They both gained a lot out of it. I liked that it was only one day a week and at the same place and time! It was called Super Soccer Saturdays and they worked on skills mostly and then would break up and scrimmage at the end. While they definitely enjoyed it and learned a lot of skills Jordan was a bit bummed they didn’t play “real” games. He needs to play competitive soccer this Fall for sure as he has benefitted from this Springs training and he just wants to let loose and play full fields. Mary had a lot of fun too but she said she just really wants to do softball again. So looks like 1 competitive soccer player and 1 soft baller come this Fall! CCS1

Junior Prom

DSC_0804 DSC_0807

Elijah and Jena- Junior Prom 2015

Junior Prom 2015DSC_0778DSC_0780DSC_0798DSC_0794




Such an amazing group of kids! They are so much fun and sweet sweet friends!
Did I mention how funny these guys are?!


A not so happy First!

Well we were not trying to achieve Baby’s 1st Sunburn but she got one anyways. After rain, darkness, rain, cold, rain and more rain the skies cleared and the temps were in the lovely 70’s here. We bolted outdoors and stayed there all day! We couldn’t help but get out in the yard and do some much needed mulching and planting in our flower beds. I had found 8 FREE good sized pink azaleas on one of the Resale sites all we had to do was go did them up at the owners home and they were ours. We had baby out in the yard with us in her bouncy seat for maybe 20 minutes but then moved her to the shade while we enjoyed working in the flower beds. I don’t know why I didn’t think to put her big sun hat on her but I didn’t. She loved being outside, it was really one of the first times she had been outside for any long period of time. She napped and played and had a great time in her seat. My sweet fair skinned baby girl is now a rosy pink bundle! 1st Sunburn

Nailed It!

For those competitive folks out there Pinterest and other sites like that are nothing more than a great big double dog dare you. They show off their master pieces like, “Here’s my beautifully proportioned professionally frosted bunny cake, now I double dog dare you to do one!”. Oh you know we just can’t say no to that, oh no it is game on, anything you can do I can do better!
Well here is the inspirational I dare you Stephanie to make this bunny cake!
They were nice enough to add some basic instructions for us that speak ABC!
And here is mine:

Note: If you need several of one color candy you will always need 2 bags to have enough of that one color hence my multicolor bow tie verses the sample.

Like all competitive people you want it to turn out perfectly and if for some bizarre reason it doesn’t turn out exactly how we envisioned we would never admit it.  No we declare NAILED IT! this is how I wanted it to look!  And being competitive also brings a trace of sportsmanship, hopefully good sportsmanship and so in light of that it is better to laugh at oneself or with one’s 12 year old son about  your creepy bunny cake!!!!DSC_0504
Love this boy and the good sport he is for laying on the table next to a creepy bunny cake and putting cookies on his eyes while his crazy Mom is telling him, “It’s so funny Joseph! You’ll see how funny it is, trust me this is soooooo funny!”


I never have to worry about being alone when Trey is out of town. I have plenty of volunteer co-sleepers! This night I had Jordan and Gayley joined us after an early morning feeding. I know this phase won’t last long, one blink and they’ll be grown.


Easter morning

Our Easter morning looked like this . . .
Easter a.m 2015-1
We almost need a longer table to fit all those lovely candy, goody filled baskets on!
Baby's 1st Easter!
Gayley’s 1st Easter was so fun! She got some new squeaker shoes she’ll have to grow into, a white bunny, Peeps soft toys and an old school wind up TV-Radio that plays The Farmer in the Dell. She loved playing with all her new lovies!
Easter a.m.2015-3
Hanson was so funny when he walked in and saw all the baskets full of candy. He instinctly went to his and said, “What? What is this?”. He loved his new helicopter and sunglasses and chaw-co-wat (chocolate)!
Easter a.m.2015-2
It was a happy sugar high morning with all the treats in the baskets along with Daddy’s homemade waffles and then off to Easter church service.

Egg Hunt 2015

Egg Hunt 2015-1
What’s Easter without egg hunts? This may have been Joseph, Jordan and Mary’s last year of egg hunting as they both commented on how it’s not really an egg hunt but an egg pick up. They had fun none the less on the “egg Pick up” and filled their baskets to the rim. Morgan went along as Hanson’s buddy and was a big help to Mama. Hans wouldn’t go near the Easter Bunny so no photo of him with E.B. this year! He was however extremely excited about riding Thomas the Train! The egg hunt mania was a bit much for Hans and he shut down a little bit but Morgan was able to coax him into picking up a few eggs instead of just standing there looking at all of them. Hey Julie! It is quite overwhelming for our little fella dealing with so many colors, so many objects, so many people, so many noises, so much movement, so many times Mama saying, “smile!” for so many pictures. He did Eggcellant!!
Egg Hunt 2015-2