Sweet Tea

I sat baby girl up in the chair with Hans so I could go strain the hot pasta (figured wasn’t the safest thing to do while holding a baby).wpid-img_20150324_183850_659.jpgwpid-img_20150324_183904_848.jpg
It didn’t take long and Hans was yelling, “Mama come get your baby! Mom get your baby!” I went over to find them slumped down and baby girl had taken charge of his sweet tea. He was laughing telling me all about it, how baby had his tea! wpid-img_20150324_183916_032.jpgwpid-img_20150324_183949_369.jpg
It was pretty darn cute! Not sure if she manage to get any tea out but she certainly had the right idea and was holding the sippy cup pretty well. There’s just something about sweet tea. Even if you’re a strictly nursing baby you just gotta get some Sweet Tea! And yes I told Hans, “FREEZE, Don’t Move, Mama wants to get your picture”.


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