5 months

I almost forgot to post Gayley’s 5 months pictures! I few weeks behind but here they are. She has really sored this month with her sleeping and waking up talking actually laughing and playing in her crib. She just started rolling over which means no more just laying her on our bed to play while I get stuff done. She interacts with all her sibs beautifully. She has started reaching out and grabbing Hans hair only to bring him close so she can hug and slobber all over, yeah he loves that, NOT! He always smiles and laughs about it all the while he’s freaking out a bit too that baby has hold of him and won’t let go and that he’s getting drooled on. She’s wanting to sit up more and more now. I had to adjust the stroller for her sit strait up because when I put her in the other day she grabbed hold of the tray and would not let go and used her little abs to not recline. She was happy as can be on our walk holding onto the tray and toys and looking all around! She’s just the best can’t believe she’s already 5 months nearly 6 !
5 months


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