Scrapback Saturday

There’s Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday and now Scrapback Saturday! It’s an homage to all the scrapbooking I used to do back in the day, like back before the last 3 kiddos. No more time or energy for all that cutting, pasting, matting, journaling. This blog really is just my digital scrapbook nothing excitedly deep or life transforming just the keeper of all we do throughout our busy active lives with 7 children. So on Scrapback Saturdays I’ll share pages/pictures from my original scrapbooks. It should be fun reminiscing and seeing just how much the kids have grown over the years!

April 2003

Super hero2

Elijah and Morgan playing on our massive swing set we were building when we lived in MS.  They would play for hours on it and were always in some kind of super hero pajamas or costume. Sometimes they were strictly one character other times they could be wearing a mixture of several super heroes. They went through a huge Rescue Hero phase and I really miss those sweet times these two had playing together. Such sweet  boys/brothers!

super hero1

Batman, Robin, Superman, Spiderman, Rescue Heroes, Strong Man, Bible Man . . .               they played them all.  These boys love dressing up!!!



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