Eno Fun!

What better way is there to spend your “Snow Day” than in an eno?


Trey’s new eno arrived and he hung it in our garage.  Jordan made himself cozy with pillow and sleeping bag and hung out completely enclosed in the eno for most of the day playing on the tablet and even taking a nap all snug and warm inside it!


This fella was so disappointed that we didn’t get any snow at all he cocooned himself all day!

Happy Mardi Gras

While I can do without the parades this is my favorite thing about Mardi Gras . . .

Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras to all my Gulf Coast friends and family, enjoy those King Cakes!!

Downtown Disney


On our first “Disney Day” we took the water taxis to Epcot, the back entrance , then took the return taxi to the Boardwalk.


After Epcot we rode over to Downtown Disney for some lunch, shopping & carousel ride.


Gayley had a time trying on different Mickey ears and at the Lego Store


Loved the Lego Store!

To Disney with Daddy


Yes, Daddy has taken this sweet thing and Mommy to Disney with him. Did we take all the kids? No way, the other 6 are back home with Grammy and I’m sure will never let their baby sister forget how unfair it was that she got to go to Disney and they didn’t! For.the.rest.of.her.life!!!


Daddy has meetings from the wee hours of the morning till late at night all week so baby girl and I have the days to fill together. We really aren’t going to any of the Disney parks just doing the free Disneyesque activities like taking the water taxis and buses from our hotel  to the different parks and other hotels, Boardwalks, shopping areas like Downtown Disney. So it’s our fauve Disney trip. Regardless we’ll still let the kids think that we went!

4 months already!

Sweet baby girl had her 4 month check-up and vaccinations this morning. She is growing great weighing in at 16 pounds 4 ounces and 25 1/2 inches long. She is in the 90% on the chart. She was so adorable smiling and chuckling as her doctor examined her. We were both so tickled at how jolly baby girl was being.  She did great getting her shots and didn’t cry one bit till the very last one. She hasn’t shown any signs of aching from them either. She is doing wonderful and Dr. A thoroughly enjoyed seeing her happiest patient of the day!

4months Gayley

Nature Trail

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather lately so Jordan wanted to go out hiking. We have a great trail not too far from the house so Morgan and I took Jordan, Mary, Hanson and Gayley out for some fresh air and exercise.



Nothing beats a hallow tree with an amazing root system! They had so much fun along the creek jumping from boulder to boulder and across to this super fun tree! Good times!!


#armstooshort #needselfiestick #anyoneseenHans?


Baby girl slept in the sling most of the way. When she was awake she was looking everywhere. Hey Julie! This was really her first time outside for any long period of time so she had lots to take in.


Happy Almost Birthday, Joseph!

For Joseph’s 12th Birthday celebration all he wanted was to go jump at Airwalk with a couple of friends and so that is what we arranged for. . .


Who knew you needed to buy tickets on-line days ahead of time for 4 jumpers to jump from 2-3 p.m.?  Well ya do!!!  I was at Jordan’s basketball game so Trey took the super pumped up jumpers and when they got there they were told they were sold out till 9:00 p.m. and after that you had to be 15 years or older to jump. Bummer!!! Between all the kids we had 1 lacrosse practice and 5 basketball games to work around so now we have to rearrange and work it out all over again. Poor kid! What a huge Mom fail! Trey saved the day and took them to Sweet Frog to drown their sorrows in frozen yogurt/candy then brought them back to the house to play and open presents. I’m so glad they all had such great attitudes and were so sweet about the whole thing. Now to schedule a redo!


This year Joseph is all about Assassin’s Creed Mega Blocks and comic books. His Mammaw hand-made him his own Assassin’s Creed jacket they had talked about together and Morgan made him an awesome sword and sheath. Morgan sketched it out on the wood, used the router to cut it out, sanded, painted, inset jewels and then made a matching sheathe for it. What a loved boy and so blessed by friends and family. Happy Almost Birthday Joseph! Welcome to Pre-teen where the hopes are high and reality falls short! Bwa bwa bwwaa!!!