My DIY Guy

IT IS FINISHED. . .  well it’s been finished for 6 months now and the boys love their rustic man-cave bedroom. Trey was our one man contractor on the project and did a fabulous job as always. I was the relentless attention to details project manager! We work well together and we all love the end result.

room reno1
First he cut out the openings for the built in bookshelves then custom built them in the reno2

The shelves got painted and trimmed in pallet strips. The whole room got a fresh coat of Cathedral Grey.

room reno3

room reno4

We love the pallet accent wall. We picked up the pallets for free from our friend’s work yard then used  the skill saw and hammers to get boards separated. We didn’t sand them down, strip or stain them this is their weathered look. The big boards in there are cedar that we’ve had out back saving for a project.

room reno5

Not only did the room get painted, a pallet wall, built-in bookshelves but we also installed a new ceiling fan, had new carpet laid continuously throughout room and into Elijah’s office/sleeping area. Next came Morgan’s built it train birth bed which is across from built-in bookshelves.

Room Reno Morgan bed
So both the boys have their own built-in sleeping spaces and the main room is wide open with a manly leather couch to read on or hang out with friends. It’s a super cool space for two teen boys to share. Morgan also got LED rainbow light strips with a remote control in his sleeping space. Pretty sweet pad!


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