Tour de Gayley

Gayley had a jammed packed schedule of meeting our MS Gulf Coast family and friends along with a mini trip to New Orleans with Mom and Dad. First off she met Aunt Kitty and cousin Amy.

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I’m so glad our Catherine Gayley was able to be held and loved on by my Aunt Kitty. It does a heart good to see generations together. Although we spell our girl’s name Catherine with a “C” it originated from Aunt Kitty who is Kathryn. I never liked my “K’s” and Trey is Carl the III with a “C” so that’s how we got Catherine. Anyways we had a great visit and were so glad to finally get to catch up with cousin Amy too who now lives on the Gulf Coast again, so hopefully our visits won’t be so long in between any more.

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At Grammy’s house Gayley met her oldest cousin Brittnie and cousins Ashleigh, Dalton and Keegan. Hans had a great time reconnecting and playing with the boys again.


She didn’t get to meet her Aunt and Uncle because they were working but we’ll catch them next visit. Next she met our dear friend Mrs. Heidi and her six pack!

wpid-img_20141230_122823_458.jpgwpid-img_20141230_122627_311.jpgwpid-img_20141230_111200_628.jpg Heidi and I had many pregnancies together throughout our baby making years and so it was so good introducing our girl to her and her sweet bunch of 5 sons and 1 daughter. Her youngest here is Erik and he is about the sweetest little boy ever. He and next older brother Evan played with Hanson so well and those 3 enjoyed each other immensely and loudly the entire time. Erik LOVED baby Gayley and was just so sweet and kissy with her! It’s always good getting together with Heidi and her crew and it was an especially wonderful yet sadly all too short of a visit with her but so glad she was in town when I was and that we were able to meet up.


Trey had a meeting in New Orleans and so Gayley and I went with him for a quick over night trip. The Sugar Bowl was being held there so it was a packed city full of energized Alabama and Ohio fans. It was quite the sight to see and oh so fun and delicious! I don’t do nick knack souvenirs, I eat my memories and boy did I make a lot of memories this trip!


We ate at the famous Pascal’s Manale where Daddy enjoyed the oyster bar. We also had stuffed shrimp and redfish followed by a late night dessert of beignets and café au lait (decaf) from Café du Monde in the French Quarter.


We found out toward the end of our visit at Heidi’s that a stomach bug was making it’s way through one of the boys and the next day poor baby girl had the biggest diaper blow out ever which got all over Daddy at breakfast. Yuck. Thank goodness we were still at the hotel and she wasn’t tucked in her sling or car seat, that wouldn’t have been any good either. We quickly got back up to the room and sweetness got a hotel sink bath before she got all bundled up to go see the city via the trolley.


Waiting for our trolley.

Waiting for our trolley.


Our trolley ride was a lot of fun full of Ohio fans and one rude Bama man (not Trey). The team rivalry and joshing was loud and in your face but not too over the top, it was definitely not a boring trolley trip. After the trolley we went and had lunch at Katie’s and enjoyed a fabulous New Orleans muffaletta, onion rings and loaded meat pizza! Like I said I made a lot of memories!


Did I mention I had already had blackened redfish, crawfish etouffee and gumbo in MS. Not all in one meal of course. You just can’t beat fresh seafood and the spices of the Gulf. It was a very memorable trip with family, friends and food!!!