Locks of Love


Look who’s a hair donor! Mary had just enough 10″ to be able to donate to Locks of Love. I really prefer her hair short, it just looks so much healthier on her and she doesn’t have to fuss with it much. I told her about Locks of Love and she was on board with it but I think she was a bit shocked as to exactly how much we were cutting off. She was all smiles but was full nervous laughter. It was an “I love it! I’m not sure! I look so different! Do I love it?! I look older! I love it!” moment for sure. She giggled and role played what her friends, family, teachers would say all the way home. She was finally truly thrilled with it once she was home and got affirmation from her brothers and of course Daddy. Quite frankly I was a bit nervous as to if it was going to get Daddy approval!  I love it, makes her look like a 10 year old and she loves it too.

Before and After

Before and After

She had quite a fun week at school showing off her new do even being introduced as “The New Student, Mary” by her principle. She has come home everyday telling which teacher, staff, students mentioned her hair. They all love it and she’s having quite a wonderful time getting all the attention!

Our Sign

So here’s our sign our friends gave us for Christmas. I feel terrible for not thanking them but I didn’t know about it till I found it in a gift bag in the garage while we were cleaning it out this weekend. I think they pretty much nailed us with the CHAOS part! Thank you Mrs. Betty it fits us perfectly!


My DIY Guy

IT IS FINISHED. . .  well it’s been finished for 6 months now and the boys love their rustic man-cave bedroom. Trey was our one man contractor on the project and did a fabulous job as always. I was the relentless attention to details project manager! We work well together and we all love the end result.

room reno1
First he cut out the openings for the built in bookshelves then custom built them in the driveway.room reno2

The shelves got painted and trimmed in pallet strips. The whole room got a fresh coat of Cathedral Grey.

room reno3

room reno4

We love the pallet accent wall. We picked up the pallets for free from our friend’s work yard then used  the skill saw and hammers to get boards separated. We didn’t sand them down, strip or stain them this is their weathered look. The big boards in there are cedar that we’ve had out back saving for a project.

room reno5

Not only did the room get painted, a pallet wall, built-in bookshelves but we also installed a new ceiling fan, had new carpet laid continuously throughout room and into Elijah’s office/sleeping area. Next came Morgan’s built it train birth bed which is across from built-in bookshelves.

Room Reno Morgan bed
So both the boys have their own built-in sleeping spaces and the main room is wide open with a manly leather couch to read on or hang out with friends. It’s a super cool space for two teen boys to share. Morgan also got LED rainbow light strips with a remote control in his sleeping space. Pretty sweet pad!

Baby It’s Cold Outside




Nothing like 24 degree weather to get a 2 hour school delay. I know Northerners laugh at us Southerners but brrrrr it’s cold and I love the kids going in late. They slept in and had a big hot biscuits and gravy breakfast before their buses arrived. Joseph’s was 40 minutes late on top of the 2 hour delay so he had a really delayed start!


Friends Don’t Let Friends

Friends don’t let


friends get RSV!


So glad Gayley got to meet/visit, well sort-of, with sweet Presley and her Mama Amy and Aunt Lauren. Miss Presley had been given a diagnosis of mild RSV earlier in the week so we kept these lovelies apart during our visit but just had to get photos of our babies together. Looking forward to our next “play date”, hopefully mask less!


2014 in Review: 21 of my favorites

Oh how hard it is to narrow down my favorites. It’s not that I just have sooo many wonderful shots but the mere number of people and events in our family makes it hard to keep the number of photos to a minimum.

They aren’t all necessarily my favorite in photography but just the ones that I personally like.

I did the 12 in 2012 and 13 in 2013 but this year I just couldn’t do 14 in 2014. It could have easily been 32 but I spared you a super long post and squeezed it down to just 21! Enjoy!

1) Elijah looking way too grown up heading off on private jet to Tar Hills lacrosse camp!


2)  Jordan playing in our Snow Storm


3) Joseph turning 11 years old!


4)  Hanson at the park

Hans park2


5)  Morgan rocking his lacrosse game


6)  Joseph and his crew The Lawn Rangers off to cut another yard


7)  Jordan at Air Walk



8)  Easter


9) The Color Tunnel


10)  Trey at Archery Competition


11)  Trey and I loving each other and my Baby Belly


12)  Elijah and Morgan Cross Country


13)  Smores in the Front Yard


14) Hanson playing the sand drums


15)  Jordan, Mary and Joseph building sand castles


16)  Beach photo for my Beach Wall


17) It’s a GIRL!


18)  Trey introducing Catherine Gayley to the family!


19)  Newborn Gayley Toes


20)  My Pumpkin Patch Cuties


21) Our Beautiful Beach Baby in a Bonnet