Baby Leggings


Gayley girl rock’n out her baby leggings this weekend! I was so excited to get them in the mail couldn’t wait to try them on her. They’re a bit big on her now but she’ll grow into them and look oh so cute with her sweet baby legs/thighs covered in stylish warm leggings. I hear Santa is giving her more in a few weeks, can’t wait!!!


Cross Country Banquet



The boys had a great year running cross country. They along with many team mates beat their best personal record on the last meet ending the season on a high. This is such a great group of guys and gals. We have thoroughly enjoyed the XC family, they are truly great comrads and likely friends for life! Way to go Chelsea Hornets 2014 XC team! Can’t wait for next season!!


All About That Face

This is the sweetness of Hanson first thing this morning. Oh what a beautiful boy he is and we get to witness his funny, sleepy, curious, interested,  silly, quirky, blankie loving, uninterested, bashful, toing, excited, caring, crazy about baby sister, mischievous, kissable, sweet self every single day!



We Love the USA

Veteran's Day1

Jordan and Mary participated in the fourth grade performance of We Love the U.S.A in honor of Veteran’s Day. They sang several patriotic songs along with historic sayings and quotes. Jordan is also in the Show Choir so he sang more songs and had a bit more choreography along with a big part singing Lee Greenwood’s  “God Bless the USA”. Mary also had a part singing “Let Freedom Ring”. In all the class sang 16 songs as a tribute to our country.

DSC_0131DSC_0126Veteran's Day2



Eeeek!!!!! Nothing can make a Mama shriek more than seeing a great big snake wrapped around her babies neck! Joseph, Jordan and Mary had a grand time at Boopalooza hosted by a local church. They enjoyed getting their faces/arm painted, carnival type games with candy prizes, inflatables, vendors and more. Doesn’t matter if they are called Boopalooza, Fall Festivals, Trunk-or-Treats, Harvest fairs or carnivals we look forward to them all each Fall!