Sip & See


Our teenage boys had so many friends that wanted to meet Gayley so they hosted a Sip & See party for their new baby sister. It was great having so many teenagers in our home loving on our baby girl. I was surprised that most of the girls were nervous about holding her, said they didn’t know how, but our experienced boys walked them through it step by step. We sure are preparing our young men to be wonderful Daddies. Their wives may be nervous holding a newborn but they’ll be ole pros at it! The theme was pink of course with pink lemonade, pink rice Krispy treats, cup cakes, chicken salad sandwiches, meat balls, fruit tray, pink cookies, pink lemonade marsh mellows and various candies.  We had a great turn out and had fun doing the diaper raffle draw down with the winner being Miss Regan. I sure am proud of our big boys and their sweet core group of friends, such a great group of kids. Love that so many love our baby girl!


Baby Photo bomb!!!

Baby Photo bomb!!!


Our oldest and youngest babies! Big Brother Elijah!

Our oldest and youngest babies! Big Brother Elijah!

She has Big Brother Morgan's eyes!

She has Big Brother Morgan’s eyes!


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