Then She was 10!

Wow, how can she be 10 years old already?! Not only did she celebrate her Birthday today but she also had her team softball party. Mary had a blast having pizza, drinks, dance party, cupcakes, running around the softball field, crazy girl time and getting her first softball trophy. What a fun 10th Birthday!

Mary 10 Birthday1Mary 10 Birthday2DSC_0067Happy Birthday Mary, we love you!!

Sip & See


Our teenage boys had so many friends that wanted to meet Gayley so they hosted a Sip & See party for their new baby sister. It was great having so many teenagers in our home loving on our baby girl. I was surprised that most of the girls were nervous about holding her, said they didn’t know how, but our experienced boys walked them through it step by step. We sure are preparing our young men to be wonderful Daddies. Their wives may be nervous holding a newborn but they’ll be ole pros at it! The theme was pink of course with pink lemonade, pink rice Krispy treats, cup cakes, chicken salad sandwiches, meat balls, fruit tray, pink cookies, pink lemonade marsh mellows and various candies.  We had a great turn out and had fun doing the diaper raffle draw down with the winner being Miss Regan. I sure am proud of our big boys and their sweet core group of friends, such a great group of kids. Love that so many love our baby girl!


Baby Photo bomb!!!

Baby Photo bomb!!!


Our oldest and youngest babies! Big Brother Elijah!

Our oldest and youngest babies! Big Brother Elijah!

She has Big Brother Morgan's eyes!

She has Big Brother Morgan’s eyes!

Proud Pawpaw

What can I say, our children are so blessed with wonderful grandparents.  MS Pawpaw came back to help me hold down the fort while Trey went on his annual camping hunting trip with his guys.  So glad to have a helping hand with my crew.Proud Pawpaw
These seven sure are lucky to have such a great Pawpaw especially one that doesn’t mind multiple Wal*mart trips sometimes in the same day! Thank you Pawpaw for being so wonderful to us all!
Proud Pawpaw3

Bonnie’s bonnet & blanket


Trey’s Aunt Bonnie made and sent baby Gayley the softest blanket and bonnet. I just love the colors and I’m sure she will wear this sweet, warm cap all winter long. How thoughtful and loving to bless our baby girl with such wonderful gifts! Thank you Aunt (Great Aunt) Bonnie!!!


My Sunshine


Sweet baby needed a little sun therapy to bring down her bilirubin count. Poor baby has had to have far too many heel pricks to check her jaundice. Last check it was falling and the doctor said once it starts to drop then she doesn’t have to come back for any more just put her in the sunlight a little bit everyday. I think our neighbors are enjoying seeing this sweet bitty baby sunbathing on the front porch.

Best Birthday Ever!


Never did I ever think celebrating my 40th Birthday would be so joyful! I certainly never imagined I’d be lactating and up every 1.5-3hours nursing a newborn baby girl but what an excellent joy it was to give birth to my surprise baby girl 6 days prior to my 40th!!! She is the best early gift ever!!!! I certainly don’t feel 40 at all despite my hospital discharge papers claiming my diagnosis as “Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) in Pregnancy”. What?? I was in my 30’s when I carried and gave birth! Well this Advanced Age Mom is thrilled to be 40 with a newborn, what better to keep me young! My day started out taking Gayley back to the pediatrician for another Bilirubin check due to her count being higher than it was at the hospital. Thankfully it had started to drop so no more heal pricks for baby girl just needs to get some sunlight therapy.  After doctors we picked up a Marco’s Pizza for lunch since neither baby nor I am up for dining out.  Elijah and Morgan both gave me beautiful flowers and roses when they got home from cross-country practice.  Morgan also gave me a stunning necklace.  Trey also gave me a beautiful earrings and necklace set, a massage package and hiring a photographer to take Gayley’s newborn portraits. On top of all the great gifts Trey surprised me with a custom-made cake from Pam’s Place. It’s been so long since I’ve had a real Birthday cake and I love it!!! I am so thankful for all I’ve been blessed with and with whom I have been blessed with these last 39 years and delight in what all my 40th year will bring!  Steph 40