Mary’s 1st Softball Game

Mary's 1st Game

Mary started softball this fall and is loving it. We signed her up and requested her to be put on the same team as one of her besties, Drew, who also lives 2 houses down from us which makes carpooling convenient for both families. Mary is doing quite well always making contact with the ball. She was the first batter up for her team and hit the first ball that was pitched to her down 3rd base line. She ran and got safe on 1st base due to an over throw but was then unwisely sent onto 2nd base by the 1st base coach where she was tagged out!  Poor thing, it wasn’t her fault she just did as she was coached. Next time up at bat she made contact again but it was an infield fly caught by the pitcher. At least she makes great contact and doesn’t strike out! The team was behind and then came back in the last inning to WIN!!!! Talk about some excited little girls. What a fun way to start the season!!!

Mary 1st game2


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