Yes, this is my first!

No not first pregnancy, first pedicure that is!! I know hard to believe, but it is. I really don’t like people touching my feet, but I could no longer clip or paint my nails safely or without pain and crazy contortions, so I caved and let Trey treat me to this. At first I thought I was surely going to go into labor when the massage chair about beat me up. I had her turn it off. It all started with little soaking which was nice, but then out came the torture tools with the clipping, scraping, digging, pushing, poking, scaling!!! Seriously had big contractions while my toe nails were manipulated all the while trying to talk to the sweet older lady in chair next to me as I gripped the chair in discomfort! Oh I know this is a tradition that some ladies do weekly or monthly and love but it was making me want to climb the walls!!! After the instruments went away the gal then put a scrub on my legs and feet and went to massaging which was the best part of the whole experience. There was a rinse and then some more massaging with lotion and then finally came the nail polishing. Now my feet/toes are smooth and nicely polished  ready for the delivery of our baby girl or boy! Did you get my color theme? I hope my doctor and nurses appreciate what I went through so they could see some super cute toes!!



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