Birthday Buddies!


What a beautiful day to celebrate Pawpaw and Morgan’s double Birthday! Trey and Pawpaw finished the trim out in Morgan’s built-in bed and added a special surprise light strip that changes colors, sequence & speed all on a remote control. Super Cool!! Sort of like having his own Color Tunnel! Morgan got several bags of his favorite candy, beef jerky, chocolate milk, an iTunes card, 2 knives, $$, bandana/hair band to keep his hair back in cross-country and an antler back scratcher. Grammy bought Pawpaw a new boat earlier in the week so we got him a collapsible ore and deck ropes and Grammy gave him his new shirt. Elijah gave Pawpaw a “Pawpaw Size” bag of Cheetos, his favorite chips. Hanson was hilariously excited about that gift!!! He went and got his own bowl and asked so sweetly “Please!” for the Cheetos. It was the cutest thing!! Since they share a birthday they got a double high cake. I tried to convince Morgan if the baby was born today then they would be getting a triple high cake next year. He didn’t buy it and was pleased that baby didn’t come on his day! It’s always good when these two get to celebrate their shared birthday together!! After our family Birthday Bash, Elijah took Morgan to “go get milk” which was a way to get Morgan to go with him. Elijah had secretly called a bunch of their friends to meet up at Sonic for a Surprise Party for Morgan! What a wonderful big brother!



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