38 Weeks


I can’t believe I’ve finally reached 38 weeks!! Let the Nesting Begin!!! Well I’m not really just beginning but the nesting has been seriously kicked into over drive.  As we do not know the sex of our baby I’ve washed and put away both girl and boy new-born cloths. The newly purchased new to us bassinet has been washed and redressed and ready for baby.  The infant car seat has been disassembled and washed, now to try to figure out the jigsaw puzzle of putting the cover back on with the shoulder straps in the right slots for newborn baby.  Bags of items have been taken to the thrift store. Linen closets have been de-cluttered and organized. Yes, linen closets people that’s nesting!  My dresser is now the changing table with a basket of blankets and room for wipes and diapers.  The crib upstairs is ready with its matching Pottery Barn quilt that I got for free! The lady I bought the bassinet from gave the quilt to me and it’s the exact pattern of the bumper and bed skirt that I have on the crib. How cool is that!!! Closets have been straightened and general de-cluttering of the whole house is constantly going on. Even with all that has been done I just feel like there is still so much to do and not really sure how it’s all gonna get finished before baby arrives whenever that is.  A few still to do things is to pack my/baby hospital bag and um . . .  decide on a name for this baby!!! We are narrowing them down but certainly not ready for anything to be monogrammed. We may go into this delivery with names but once we meet, hold and spend a little time with our new addition we may again change them up.  So my days stay busy now with nesting, resting, contractions, resting, baby tumbling inside me, resting and more contractions so stay tuned to see if we have a Baby Girl Garrett or Baby Boy Garrett!


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