1st Cross Country Experience

And they're off!!!

And they’re off!!!

Elijah and Morgan ran in the Spain Park Cross Country Invitational this weekend. It was their very first cross-country event. Trey and I went not having a clue as what to expect and were shocked when we saw how large an event it was. The boys were impressed as well. They are both on the Varsity team and made pretty good timing. Not sure what their actual times are, they have to go on-line to some website to get that information. They both ran great, looked conditioned and finished strong. Morgan said he is so glad he joined the team, he really enjoys the comradery he has with his mates.




First time for the boys to run in cross-country uniforms. Sure is different going from those long baggy lacrosse shorts to the itsy bitsy running shorts! These are just loaners as the boys uniforms haven’t come in yet so Morgan snagged the large shorts leaving the size small for Elijah.  What a hoot Elijah aka Shorty McShort Shorts had strutting his stuff in these barely there shorts!!


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