Rockin in the Forest


Jordan’s school had a back-to-school Sock Hop last night that included a meal of pizza, chips, cookies and a drink. Mary was at her softball practice at the same time. They could draw on a graffiti wall, get pictures in a photo booth, hula hoop, jump rope and dance. There was a great turn out. Apparently pink, white and black poodle skirts/shirts were the in thing as almost every little girl had that color combo and all the boys wore jeans and white t-shirts. The gym was wild with activity not any actual dancing but lots of running around trying to lasso each other with the hula hoops. Most of those poor hoops are now oblong. Toward the end of the night they did have a hula hoop contest which Jordan rocked at until some kids running around ran into his hoop making it fall to the ground. Well that was the end of all the fun. Tears and a red, sad face came and it was now the worst, stupidest sock hop ever! Ugh, thanks wild child for turning our happy carefree night into a difficult parenting night!!! All in all Jordan had a blast up until the dreaded hula hoop debacle.



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