Coming Soon!


Soon very soon we will welcome our super active rolling, tumbling bundle of joy! This precious baby has been such an active baby the entire pregnancy. I am so torn about giving birth. Right now our baby is safe, content, whole, protected in the most perfect place. I am absolutely mesmerized watching my stomach rise and fall and roll and jiggle wave after wave as this little one stretches and squirms within me. I will so miss not feeling life inside me. It has been a joy carrying this precious one. So soon very soon we will meet and finally know whether this little one is our daughter or our son! What a miracle surprise baby!!!!

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Mary’s 1st Softball Game

Mary's 1st Game

Mary started softball this fall and is loving it. We signed her up and requested her to be put on the same team as one of her besties, Drew, who also lives 2 houses down from us which makes carpooling convenient for both families. Mary is doing quite well always making contact with the ball. She was the first batter up for her team and hit the first ball that was pitched to her down 3rd base line. She ran and got safe on 1st base due to an over throw but was then unwisely sent onto 2nd base by the 1st base coach where she was tagged out!  Poor thing, it wasn’t her fault she just did as she was coached. Next time up at bat she made contact again but it was an infield fly caught by the pitcher. At least she makes great contact and doesn’t strike out! The team was behind and then came back in the last inning to WIN!!!! Talk about some excited little girls. What a fun way to start the season!!!

Mary 1st game2

Yes, this is my first!

No not first pregnancy, first pedicure that is!! I know hard to believe, but it is. I really don’t like people touching my feet, but I could no longer clip or paint my nails safely or without pain and crazy contortions, so I caved and let Trey treat me to this. At first I thought I was surely going to go into labor when the massage chair about beat me up. I had her turn it off. It all started with little soaking which was nice, but then out came the torture tools with the clipping, scraping, digging, pushing, poking, scaling!!! Seriously had big contractions while my toe nails were manipulated all the while trying to talk to the sweet older lady in chair next to me as I gripped the chair in discomfort! Oh I know this is a tradition that some ladies do weekly or monthly and love but it was making me want to climb the walls!!! After the instruments went away the gal then put a scrub on my legs and feet and went to massaging which was the best part of the whole experience. There was a rinse and then some more massaging with lotion and then finally came the nail polishing. Now my feet/toes are smooth and nicely polished  ready for the delivery of our baby girl or boy! Did you get my color theme? I hope my doctor and nurses appreciate what I went through so they could see some super cute toes!!


Birthday Buddies!


What a beautiful day to celebrate Pawpaw and Morgan’s double Birthday! Trey and Pawpaw finished the trim out in Morgan’s built-in bed and added a special surprise light strip that changes colors, sequence & speed all on a remote control. Super Cool!! Sort of like having his own Color Tunnel! Morgan got several bags of his favorite candy, beef jerky, chocolate milk, an iTunes card, 2 knives, $$, bandana/hair band to keep his hair back in cross-country and an antler back scratcher. Grammy bought Pawpaw a new boat earlier in the week so we got him a collapsible ore and deck ropes and Grammy gave him his new shirt. Elijah gave Pawpaw a “Pawpaw Size” bag of Cheetos, his favorite chips. Hanson was hilariously excited about that gift!!! He went and got his own bowl and asked so sweetly “Please!” for the Cheetos. It was the cutest thing!! Since they share a birthday they got a double high cake. I tried to convince Morgan if the baby was born today then they would be getting a triple high cake next year. He didn’t buy it and was pleased that baby didn’t come on his day! It’s always good when these two get to celebrate their shared birthday together!! After our family Birthday Bash, Elijah took Morgan to “go get milk” which was a way to get Morgan to go with him. Elijah had secretly called a bunch of their friends to meet up at Sonic for a Surprise Party for Morgan! What a wonderful big brother!



Freshman Homecoming</
Last Friday Morgan went to his first Homecoming with the sweetest girl, Miss Regan. She makes this pretty dress shine! Morgan nailed it with his coordinating duds. He knew exactly what to wear without any input from Mom. They skipped the football game and went out to eat at Olive Garden with a great group of 9-10 kids. The dance was at school after the game, but Morgan said they had more fun at the restaurant than the dance.  The boys have a great group of kids they hang out with so it’s always more fun in the smaller tighter knit groups than the general population. It’s amazing watching these boys grow into gentlemen. Mama loves it when they don a tie and tucked in shirt!

Junior Homecoming

elijah homecoming

Elijah went to his Junior Homecoming with a sweet friend who lives in the neighborhood. I wasn’t able to get pictures of him and Rachel together because they met up after she got off work. She has pictures of them together on her cell phone, but no matter how many times I’ve asked him to get her to send him or me some it still hasn’t happen so I’ll just post them later if and when I get them. Like Morgan they also went out to eat then onto the dance. Again they were with a large group of friends and had a wonderful time together. Elijah and I had a good time shopping for his new pants, shirt, tie and belt. It’s been an extremely long time since he has gotten any truly new non-thrift store cloths so we had fun trying on several items.  Such a handsome young man we have!

38 Weeks


I can’t believe I’ve finally reached 38 weeks!! Let the Nesting Begin!!! Well I’m not really just beginning but the nesting has been seriously kicked into over drive.  As we do not know the sex of our baby I’ve washed and put away both girl and boy new-born cloths. The newly purchased new to us bassinet has been washed and redressed and ready for baby.  The infant car seat has been disassembled and washed, now to try to figure out the jigsaw puzzle of putting the cover back on with the shoulder straps in the right slots for newborn baby.  Bags of items have been taken to the thrift store. Linen closets have been de-cluttered and organized. Yes, linen closets people that’s nesting!  My dresser is now the changing table with a basket of blankets and room for wipes and diapers.  The crib upstairs is ready with its matching Pottery Barn quilt that I got for free! The lady I bought the bassinet from gave the quilt to me and it’s the exact pattern of the bumper and bed skirt that I have on the crib. How cool is that!!! Closets have been straightened and general de-cluttering of the whole house is constantly going on. Even with all that has been done I just feel like there is still so much to do and not really sure how it’s all gonna get finished before baby arrives whenever that is.  A few still to do things is to pack my/baby hospital bag and um . . .  decide on a name for this baby!!! We are narrowing them down but certainly not ready for anything to be monogrammed. We may go into this delivery with names but once we meet, hold and spend a little time with our new addition we may again change them up.  So my days stay busy now with nesting, resting, contractions, resting, baby tumbling inside me, resting and more contractions so stay tuned to see if we have a Baby Girl Garrett or Baby Boy Garrett!

Chelsea Tennis Day


The  Chelsea Tennis Association has worked relentlessly hard and long to get courts built in the city and what wonderful courts they got. Now our school teams can actually practice in town instead of having to go to another towns country club. We can also host teams now too. To celebrate they had an “Experience Chelsea Tennis Day” with clinics for the kids. They had a great turn out even on such a hot humid day. Jordan was looking forward to it all week and was happy working with the instructor. Joseph and Mary did great and they all can’t wait to go back to the courts. wpid-wp-1410748239575.jpeg

1st Cross Country Experience

And they're off!!!

And they’re off!!!

Elijah and Morgan ran in the Spain Park Cross Country Invitational this weekend. It was their very first cross-country event. Trey and I went not having a clue as what to expect and were shocked when we saw how large an event it was. The boys were impressed as well. They are both on the Varsity team and made pretty good timing. Not sure what their actual times are, they have to go on-line to some website to get that information. They both ran great, looked conditioned and finished strong. Morgan said he is so glad he joined the team, he really enjoys the comradery he has with his mates.




First time for the boys to run in cross-country uniforms. Sure is different going from those long baggy lacrosse shorts to the itsy bitsy running shorts! These are just loaners as the boys uniforms haven’t come in yet so Morgan snagged the large shorts leaving the size small for Elijah.  What a hoot Elijah aka Shorty McShort Shorts had strutting his stuff in these barely there shorts!!

Rockin in the Forest


Jordan’s school had a back-to-school Sock Hop last night that included a meal of pizza, chips, cookies and a drink. Mary was at her softball practice at the same time. They could draw on a graffiti wall, get pictures in a photo booth, hula hoop, jump rope and dance. There was a great turn out. Apparently pink, white and black poodle skirts/shirts were the in thing as almost every little girl had that color combo and all the boys wore jeans and white t-shirts. The gym was wild with activity not any actual dancing but lots of running around trying to lasso each other with the hula hoops. Most of those poor hoops are now oblong. Toward the end of the night they did have a hula hoop contest which Jordan rocked at until some kids running around ran into his hoop making it fall to the ground. Well that was the end of all the fun. Tears and a red, sad face came and it was now the worst, stupidest sock hop ever! Ugh, thanks wild child for turning our happy carefree night into a difficult parenting night!!! All in all Jordan had a blast up until the dreaded hula hoop debacle.