Carousel Ride

2014-08-11 11.55.50
Hanson sure is a good little shopper especially when he gets to take fun breaks on rides. Today he actually rode the carousel while it was moving. He usually just gets up and sits on these rides a few minutes and that’s enough for him. Not too long ago he would have nothing to do with it in motion. After trying it out a few times I thought we were ready to go but then he saw the carousel moving and pointed it out to me. He had a lot to say about it as he ran over to it. He climbed up onto his pony and we talked about it moving round and round and he would have to hold on tight. He let me know he understood and that’s what he wanted and so I put the money in and away he went. He was all smiles and quite proud of himself!
2014-08-11 11.52.292014-08-11 11.52.482014-08-11 11.53.052014-08-11 12.31.012014-08-11 11.55.36


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