Picture Day

School pictures1
Mary and Jordan took individual and class pictures to be put in the yearbook. I haven’t bought school picture packages in years. Most of the time the subject wasn’t all that good and I didn’t like the outrageous price that went along with the cheesy background. So I just take our own version of school pictures that captures what they look like at the beginning of a new year. I like my photos better, especially the cost!
school pictures2

Carousel Ride

2014-08-11 11.55.50
Hanson sure is a good little shopper especially when he gets to take fun breaks on rides. Today he actually rode the carousel while it was moving. He usually just gets up and sits on these rides a few minutes and that’s enough for him. Not too long ago he would have nothing to do with it in motion. After trying it out a few times I thought we were ready to go but then he saw the carousel moving and pointed it out to me. He had a lot to say about it as he ran over to it. He climbed up onto his pony and we talked about it moving round and round and he would have to hold on tight. He let me know he understood and that’s what he wanted and so I put the money in and away he went. He was all smiles and quite proud of himself!
2014-08-11 11.52.292014-08-11 11.52.482014-08-11 11.53.052014-08-11 12.31.012014-08-11 11.55.36

A Quick visit

Pawpaw and Grammy came for a quick trip before the kiddos went back to school. After a marathon of selling, loading and unloading furniture Pawpaw is finally retired at least for a little while until the new furniture store is built or whatever other business he decides to go into. He sure is relieved to have a break and glad to spend a little time with the Garrett grandkids. Soon very soon Grammy will also be a card carrying retiree and she sure has earned it. That day can’t come soon enough for her either!
Looking forward to more frequent visits with these retirees, that’s the only way Trey and I will ever get date nights or nights away after Baby #7 joins us! Who else would sit for 7 children other than Fraulein Maria?!

Playing Robin Hood

This morning Trey and his friend Barry, Joseph, Jordan and our neighbor friend Nathan all participated in a local church archery tournament. We had a beautiful morning too as we walked the fields and through the woods. Everyone had a fun time at this great family friendly archery event and one we will definitely do again next year. archery1archery3archery2


We have never had a blankie kid before but we sure do now. I remember actually naively wishing for one of them to have that special lovey, blankie, teddy, stuffed animal thing, oh wouldn’t that be so cute! Um no it’s not, especially when child picks such a one-of-a-kind blankie so you can’t even have a back up replacement just in case. Talk about hard times when blankie is MIA or heavens forbid in the washer or dryer and sweet darling won’t accept any substitute no matter how soft or silky it is. It isn’t his blankie and he don’t want it!!! Wondering how long our Linus, I mean Hanson will drag his “wankie” everywhere?

Back to School

2014-2015 School year began this morning without a hitch. This year we have five kids in three different schools. Mary and Jordan are in 4th grade, Joseph a 6th grade Middle Schooler, Elijah a Junior and Morgan a Freshman. Praying they all have a smooth transition into their new schools, teachers, schedules. It’s a great day to be a Hornet!
1st day of school
1st day2
Just a little craziness to calm the nerves!
1st day3

Meet the Teacher

Meet Teacher
Jordan and Mary were so excited for Meet the Teacher Night. They loved their new rooms and getting to put away all their school supplies. They have separate teachers again this year but are just a few classes away from one another. Jordan has newly married Mrs. Ibsen and Mary has sweet Mrs. Greer.

The next night was Joseph’s 6th grade orientation. He got his schedule, agenda book and a school map and after a long slide show in the hot, hot, hot, crowded gym we were off to find his classes. He was so happy to find out his good friend Katie is in several classes with him. It’s a whole new world for Joseph this year changing classes, having multiple teachers, lugging around a heavy back pack all day (no lockers for 6th grade), dress code and lots of new faces. I can not even believe he’s a Junior High student!