BSC and The Color Tunnel


Checked off another local outing last night. We started off visiting the campus of Birmingham Southern College to show Elijah around and for Trey and I to see it too. There is an upcoming lacrosse camp there in a few weeks and the BSC lacrosse coach has sent Elijah several email invitations and really wants him to come. Elijah just came back from a big lacrosse trip to Connecticut and he’s already done other camps and tournaments so we weren’t so gun-ho about him turning right around to do another recruiter camp especially if he had no interest in attending/applying to that school. I think it’s safe to say we were all impressed and surprised with the size, beauty, esthetics, grounds, buildings, dorms with to-die-for views, the training fields as well as the stadium and weight room. Our short visit gave us a lot to think about as a local college option. Still not sure if he’s going to do this BSC lacrosse camp but at least he’s had a taste of the campus incase he decides to pursue it. So once the sun went down on our walking tour of the campus we headed over to downtown Birmingham just a short drive from BSC and found the Color Tunnel! RainbowTunnel2

I’ve read a bunch about them and one of my friends even blogged about taking her little girl there so it’s something we’ve been meaning to get to. There’s not a lot of hoop-la to it just a vehicle and pedestrian tunnel under a train track they’ve added lights to but they are ever-changing colors which is mesmerizing and pretty to see. Jordan and Joseph liked trying to out run the lights as they changed color from one end to the other. You won’t spend much time there but it’s a nice outing and you can check it off as a been there, seen that event! After the Color Tunnel we took our thirsty bunch for milkshakes. Another fun family night!


Rainbow Tunnel1

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