At the Movies

Trying to squeeze some last minute family time in before school starts. While we all went to the movies together we ended up splitting up into separate age appropriate/interest movies. Elijah and Morgan saw Spiderman 2. Trey, Joseph and Jordan saw Captain America 2 and Mary, Hanson and I saw Rio 2. This sure was the season of sequels. While Hanson did pretty well during the movies he still is not truly old enough to go. He loves the popcorn and the runway lights on the floor but tires of it and simply gets up and says, “Let’s Go”, “Please please let’s go”, “Mommy please let’s Go!!!” and so on. After the movies we headed to Second and Charles bookstore for enjoyment and needing to get last minute required reading books. So happy we were actually able to get the ones we needed plus some other great finds. We finished up the evening grabbing a bite at Costco and swirl frozen yogurt for all.